Recover lost password

We’re here to help!

It happens to everyone. We all lost a file password at some time of our lives.
And if that file matters to you, let us help!
We have many sophisticated techniques to retrieve lost passwords from Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, ZIP, database backups and other files.
Let us know your concern and we can definitely help you.
Your file might have gone through some damaged hardware or infected system or was partially downloaded and the file lost its integrity, there is a chance we can get the data from your system.
NOTICE: If you have a problem with a file with data important to you, please don’t try retrieving the data yourself – you might damage or loose the data forever. Instead call us and we will deal with it. We even suggest leaving your computer on immediately after you notice that you are missing the data. Don’t restart – sometimes the files are in some temporary memory part of the drive that could be lost if restarted. Most of the data inside a file / hard disk is lost when the user tries to get the files back by using methods that are not applicable to the specific case such as incidentally formatting the hard disk, deleting the backup files etc.
So, keep your calm and call us immediately.